Track info

This tune was inspired by the voice of Neil deGrasse Tyson. After deciding on a sample of his voice, the track was built ground up. The snipped was chosen from reflective piece by Dr Tyson, where he passionately spoke about the greatest of people being themselves, and not versions of someone else. The deep passion and space theme that comes to mind as soon as picturing Dr Tyson naturally pushed for the track to fit in the electronica genre.

Key / BPM

F Minor | 120 BPM


Produced in Ableton Live 10.

Notable Plugins

U-he Diva, Korg M1


The main sample features the voice of @Neil deGrasse Tyson

Freedom to use

This track is a Deep Down Records original.

The song is 100% safe to use for non-commercial purposes, including for use in streaming and content creation. A link to the song / Deep Down Records is appreciated when doing so, but not necessary.

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