Deep Down Records is a small New Zealand based record label. Established in 2020, Deep Down was put together to highlight unique experimental electronica and break beat sounds. While we’re unlikely to sell millions of records, we aim to support our artists through radio play, artwork support,  distribution on all major platforms (Beatport, iTunes, Spotify, TikTok, Google etc.) as well as smaller niche distributors. Deep Down artists are also promoted through our database and partner event bookings.

The music we sign varies in genre but generally, our overall theme features ‘deep’ undertones. If you feel your music lines up with the style of our releases, we are currently accepting new artists. Drop us a line through the contact form below!

Non-commercial use

We love seeing our music shared and used! However, please be aware that due to sampling and remixing, we do not hold all the rights over some of the songs listed here. If you intend to use a song, please ensure that the song is tagged as #Free Use. For each song, please check the ‘Freedom To Use’ clause listed in the track info. If you use remixed music or content including samples, do so at your own risk.

Commercial use

For commercial use of our music, please contact us.