Raid All Night (Warcraft Theme)

We all probably spent too much time playing World of Warcraft, but for all it’s faults, WoW was a cultural behemoth. A shadow priest & affliction lock combo, Sons of Set were inspired to make the track when WoW Classic was launched. The track is heavily influenced by the 90’s Mortal Kombat movie theme, however despite how it may sound, all the sounds are original works. The only sampling used are sounds from Vanilla WoW, making sure that every class is represented. Can you tell what spell fx are used?

If you like WoW as much as Sons of Set do, grab yourself a copy of the tune and use it as you please! (Non commercially)

Introducing FlipSpark’s Music Production Studio Card Game

Ever been stuck making music? Maybe you even felt unmotivated, outright bored, or you’re curious about new techniques but don’t know where to start? Well, in this situation, we usually look up YouTube tutorial videos that we get end up getting lost in, close our DAW and open Steam, or in the worst of cases, spend too much $ on a stupid plugin we may never even end up using.

When hitting the creative wall, options to get you out of the hole are great. The more tools we have to dig out, the better. It helps when it’s fun and even better, when it’s something different. After all, it’s nice for the hands to get away from the keyboard, synth or drum machine, take a breath and clear our minds. Our mates at FlipSpark have come up with a unique idea to help solve these problems, and it comes in the form of a card game. Better yet, you can even play with friends. Check em’ out, it may just be that little something extra that you need in the studio.

Nihbru – Themselves

This tune was inspired by the voice of Neil deGrasse Tyson. After deciding on a sample of his voice, the track was built ground up. The snipped was chosen from reflective piece by Dr Tyson, where he passionately spoke about the greatest of people being themselves, and not versions of someone else. The deep passion and space theme that comes to mind as soon as picturing Dr Tyson naturally pushed for the track to fit in the electronica genre.

Winamp: Will it STILL whip the llama’s ass?

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Back in the day, sharing music online was a bitch.

WAVE format music files ripped from CD’s were huge and on dial-up modem connections, downloading a WAV format song could take days. If and when you managed to download a WAV format track, you’d have to take care not to let your music eat up all the space on your hard drive. In the stone age of computing, it didn’t take many songs to fill your drive to the brim. Thankfully Mp3 compression came along, where file size was drastically reduced through lossy data compression.

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Imagine – Every noise at once.

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Some people find a song they like and try to make something similar. Others throw paint at the art board until something starts take shape. We all make music in our own way, but for many, a tough question to answer is ‘what kind of music do you make’ or even ‘what kind of music do you like’. In the days when dj’s got music from vinyl stores and bootlegs were recording radio shows on cassette, these were much easier questions. Nowadays it feels like there are more genres than there are stars in the night sky. Tracking data from Spotify, so far, there are about 5,701 genres. The folks at try to make some sense of the genre mess by presenting a scatter plot of all of these genres. Looking down, the sounds are more organic, looking up, the genres presented are mechanical and electronic, to the left, it’s more atmospheric stuff while to the right it’s sharper ‘spikier’ sounds.

Ableton Live Skinning Guide

Ableton has some great skins available and the added features of shifting hue values is nice, however, if you want to make your own skin, you’ll have to get your hands dirty with some RGB value manipulation. Lets have a look at how..

Kirby Ferguson’s ‘Everything is a Remix’

When this documentary first surfaced, it became an instant go to tool for explaining the remix process to curious folk’. Kirby does great in going into detail about not only the process of a ‘remix’ but also addressing ethical and moral implementations that come with the domain. To celebrate the five year anniversary, Kirby Ferguson polished up the original four parts and merged them into a single video. For the first time now, the whole series is available as a single video with proper transitions all the way through, unified styling, and remixed and remastered audio. Part One has been entirely rebuilt in HD.

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