Imagine – Every noise at once.

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Some people find a song they like and try to make something similar. Others throw paint at the art board until something starts take shape. We all make music in our own way, but for many, a tough question to answer is ‘what kind of music do you make’ or even ‘what kind of music do you like’. In the days when dj’s got music from vinyl stores and bootlegs were recording radio shows on cassette, these were much easier questions. Nowadays it feels like there are more genres than there are stars in the night sky. Tracking data from Spotify, so far, there are about 5,701 genres. The folks at try to make some sense of the genre mess by presenting a scatter plot of all of these genres. Looking down, the sounds are more organic, looking up, the genres presented are mechanical and electronic, to the left, it’s more atmospheric stuff while to the right it’s sharper ‘spikier’ sounds.