Deep Down Sylenth Skin

Sylenth1 by Lennar Digital is a really stable Synth VST that’s a big time work horse. It’s relatively easy to use and a great plugin for beginners to start making custom sounds on. For the experienced producers, it’s a core piece. One of the great things about Sylenth1 is that it support skins, so if you’re bored of looking at it, or you want something a little different, it’s easy to change it up.

To celebrate the greatness that is Sylenth1 and as a thank you for being down with Deep Down Records, we have DDR skin free for download. If you don’t currently own Sylenth1 and especially if you’ve never checked it out, download the demo version from the official Sylenth1 site. Once you have the demo or full version, try on one of the Deep Down skins!